02nd Jul 2022, author: AdelaTheCraftsWoman


Custom Navy Blue Bedroom Dresser by Berkeley & Gay

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This blue beauty is my weakness. I worked on it for a very long time and wanted to make it perfect, since it was one of my earliest pieces – and I may be biased but I think that it worked out, because she is literally perfect! We picked her up in Greencastle, Pennsylvania from an older gentleman. He was getting rid of stuff because he was making arrangements to move in with his father that needed some help due to his age.

It had minor water damage on the back side – hence the name Ocean – also the color that I used is called “Very Navy” – but I ended up stripping the whole side down anyway and installing a new one. The trademark of Berkeley & Gay located on the side of the drawer denotes that this piece was made between the years 1929-1935. The piece looks massive and heavy but you will be surprised at how light it actually is, because it is made out of cedar. Allow the Ocean with his beautiful shining blue color to be the statement piece of your hallway, bedroom or living room.