How Much Does it Cost To Hire a Mural Painter? (Honest answer)

23rd Dec 2021, author: AdelaTheCraftsWoman

So you want a mural in your office? In your finished basement? On the side of your restaurant building?

No matter what your project is, it’s very likely that if you want a mural done, you want it done by a professional who is going to do a great job, and bring your vision to life!

How much does it cost to hire a mural painter in DC? Or anywhere for that matter?

Short answer? It depends!
Which, I know what you’re thinking: “No shit, Adela…” . Trust me, I get it, but here’s what I mean.

After surveying tons of Mural Painters in not only the DMV, but also those who I’ve spoken to through my social media channels, here’s the data that I’ve compiled:

Mural Painter Cost

How a mural painter charges you as the client is typically based on what they value in the project.
Their Time, or the Amount of Area Covered.

Time: Contrary to belief, artists are busy people, especially if they do it for a living.  Bringing your vision to life is difficult enough, so you can imagine the amount of care and attention it takes to bring another person’s brainchild to fruition.  Now imagine having 10 clients, or 50?  After a while, time becomes scarce, so that tends to be the thing that is valued more by the artist, their time.

In this situation, the mural painter will simply request a flat hourly rate.

Area Covered: If you have a small wall to paint in your office, you may get a steal when it comes to this method.   Mural painters who charge this way, usually price based off of the square footage (or area) of the project site.  This is actually how I do my pricing!  Why? Because in my view, I think that math is easier for a customer to understand rather than time.

For this example, time is less of a concern, as the painter will simply charge by the square foot.

Bonus Tips:

Consultations and Sketches:
Usually this is free, but some artists may charge their time for a consultation or sketching of your project.

If your project is too small, it’s very possible that the artist may turn it down, simply because the money might not be worth their time and effort.

Have a Huge Project?  If it’s not included in the contract, things such as scaffolding, transportation, and safety equipment may be required after the completion of the project.

Payments and Contracts:
Contracts are essential for any halfway decent mural designer. Usually, after your consultation, the painter may require as much as a 50% deposit upfront.  This may or may not be refundable depending on the artist.