"What Can I Do For You Today?"

Sometimes the beauty of the piece is hiding within it, and it simply needs to be brought to light! Whether that piece of vintage furniture, or the wall of your workspace, I and my team are well-equipped to tackle your project head-on!

When I ask clients what they crave from artists & creatives, the answer is always the same... communication. Therefore, I take that suggestion very serious and am very hands-on in my approach, both in the planning and the execution.

The services I provide are beautifully detailed, reasonably priced, and always come with that Craftswoman™ touch of love!
Custom Wood Mosaics
I specialize in creating stylish Wooden Mosaics that are made from locally-sourced, reclaimed wood.  Perfect for home decor and even gifts, I can custom-make pretty much any design for you and bring your vision to life!
Custom Mural Painting
Whether personal or corporate, Adela The Craftswoman creates elaborate mural paintings for any scale or project size
Mural Painting
Furniture Sales
Our full portfolio of vintage pieces is for sale to add to your personal interior design project.
Ocean 1
Marquee Letter Rentals/Sales
Do you or someone you love have a Wedding, Baby Shower, or special event coming up?  I create custom, hand-made Marquee Letters that bring love and light to any special get-together!


Payment Options & Delivery

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Upfront Payments Only, unless you plan to come and view the in-person item first. We do not hold or layway items.  I take credit cards via our online shop and can also take e-transfer. All items are subject to 5% tax.

DELIVERY – Offering delivery in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and close surrounding areas for an additional charge. Free local pickup can also be arranged if you’re able to collect the item yourself!

Where Do You Find Your Furniture Pieces?

I source pieces from all over the area!  Be it online, in stores, or from families and individuals looking to part with a memorable piece, I always look for furniture that has a story.  For me, painting and art are as much about why you’re creating, as they are about what.

I've just purchased an item online! When/where do I need to come retrieve it?

Our storage facility is located in Hagerstown MD, and if need be your item can be picked up at that location.   Pickup times can be arranged at most times during the week, we will arrange it with the customer on a case-by-case basis depending on the customer’s schedule.

How are custom projects typically priced?

Depending on the scope of the project, most custom projects are priced according to time, size, and required supplies.  I always attempt to be fair, upfront, and detailed with pricing structures; I definitely encourage every customer to ask any questions that come up and I’ll be happy to oblige!

How long does a custom project typically take to complete?

Similar to pricing, turn-around time normally depends on the scope of the project. Between brainstorming with the client, transporting the piece, sourcing materials, and the project itself, my team and I try to move at an efficient pace without sacrificing our impeccable attention to detail.

What materials do you typically paint with?

I always paint and create with the finest products!  I especially love to work with BB Frösch Paint Transformer, and all of my paints are made courtesy of Behr.