Meet Adela, The Craftswoman

Adela Dorsey AKA The Craftswoman


I am Adela!
The woman that enjoys all kinds of crafts

Sit comfortably and continue reading if:

  • – You like to create
    – Colors fascinate you
  • – You like to do things by yourself or if no one can do things better than you (all of the fellow Virgos should be sitting already …)
  • – And you are not afraid to get dirty

I grew up across the pond, all the way in Zvolen, Slovakia. My mother always called me “restless soul”, because growing up I constantly needed to change the colors of the walls, furniture, and home décor in our home around in order to achieve the quote-unquote “perfect space”.

I discovered this huge love for woodworking very early on simply by helping my Father & Grandfather work around their houses. Now imagine 10 year old me, there was never a tool that was too loud, or too scary to operate, and I built my first birdhouse that year!

Did I smash my fingers with the hammer? – Absolutely!
Did it teach me to aim better? – That’s probably fair to say. 🙂

Why am I telling you this story? – Simple… because in life, you either win, or you learn!

Working on furniture and murals is relaxing for me. I love the uniqueness of every single piece and I love that I am reusing pieces that have ended their story with one person, and I give them a chance to begin a new story with another.

After finishing my Masters in Psychology, in 2017 I made my first trip to the United States, where I fell in love with the culture, the big cities, and of course my now husband, Wayne!   Shortly following my time as an Au-Pair, we settled down near Washington DC where I started my journey as “The Craftswoman”.

I am 6-feet tall, I love to travel (I’m obsessed with Jamaica), and my favorite TV show is “This Is Us”

Read my blog for full tutorials/stories, and see the projects in action over on my Instagram account stories @adelathecraftswoman

So let’s get dirty, let’s get creative, and let’s get to crafting!

– Adela

My Traits

Furniture Painting - A+
Mural Painting- A+
Upcycling - A+
Being a Perfectionist - A+
Public Speaking - D
Getting Out of Bed Early - D

Adela The Craftswoman